Lamar University

Adam was extremely patient and very clear in explaining new and difficult topics in my first course in C++. He is great at using several different approaches (illustration, etc) to ensure that his students have a complete understanding of the material. I especially appreciated his willingness to sit alongside and help make corrections as I proceeded through classwork. I always felt fully engaged, but never felt as though topics were going over my head. Moreover, in the event I became stuck in a problem, he would ask questions in order to nudge me in the proper direction without giving away the answer. Adam helped me improve my grade/score on my second midterm versus my first midterm, despite the increased complexity of the material. Now, I feel far less stressed about the material and I am able to use some of the tools I've learned to take the problem one step at a time. Definitely worth the time!


Abdullah Abuisha

Northeastern Illinois University

Duke is a fantastic tutor, and I believe he is an expert in Python and has excellent customer skills. He helped me to complete my assignment (reading the Gettysburg address by writing the results to a screen.) very quickly with accurate results. I believe he knows very well Python programming. He is an excellent tutor


Rafael L Martin

University of California, San Diago

Ashish made the theory and logic simpler and easy to grasp for a beginner like me. Patient and can easily identify the needs and come up with an easy and efficient solution. Just results and no unnecessary stuff. I would definitely schedule future lessons.


Thank you for choosing our services

Thank you for choosing our services